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Decluttering and Simplifying Expert, Coach, Speaker & Mental Health Ambassador

“Step aside Marie Kondo” says Balance Magazine

Welcome to my world x
Tanya’s clearing method has transformed my life. I’m no longer spending all of my time cleaning and tidying. Things have a place to go, they get put in their place and certain things don’t even make it into my house. So I’m really conscious about what I’m bringing into my space and where I’m keeping things.
Sara Hayward - Frome

Is This You?

Frustrated, Tired or Overwhelmed?

Is your home a time and energy drain?

Do you want to live with less mess and less stress?

Do you feel like you are drowning under the clutter?

Do you struggle to let go of your possessions, ‘just in case’?

Would you like to learn how to identify what is excess in your home and how to finally let go?

Do you dream of what you could achieve if only you had more time, energy, headspace, clarity and confidence?

Do you wish you could create a beautiful and intentional home that supports you and your family instead of drains the life out of you?

If this sounds like you then I can help you.

Carefully crafted over the last decade and created by a neurodiverse gal, I have a simple approach to helping you take back control of your home and your life once and for all!

The Home Clearing Club Method

30 years of desperately struggling in life plus a decade of decluttering and mindful clearing have taught me that when your home is set up to support you, everything else in life is a million times easier and you stand a much better chance of success in everything you do.

That is why I created ‘The Home Clearing Club’. A tried and tested method that gently guides you room by room through your home, mindfully clearing all the clutter and excess ‘stuff’ you have accumulated over the years.

It teaches you and everyone who lives in your home the importance of your environment and you get to experience straight away how setting your home up with intention can improve life exponentially for everyone.

You can choose to start right now by purchasing my course (Purposely made financially accessible for all at just £20) OR get in touch and book a free, no-obligation, discovery session to see if private coaching may be best for you.

However you choose to proceed, I will show you how to break your home down into manageable chunks so that you can declutter and mindfully clear, even with a schedule and mind as busy as yours!


Tanya Slater

Declutterering and Organisation Expert, Coach, Speaker, ADHD,

Mum, Lover, Hugger, Singer, Dancer and Lifelong Learner

I joined Tanya’s Home Clearing Club back in April 2020 for the full 8 weeks. Our home was confusing, hard work to maintain and mix this into a caldron of home-schooling 3 primary aged kids and running 2 businesses, I barely had the capacity by 5pm to think about what I needed out of the day. Fast track to June 2020, circumstances are the same with 3 kids being home-schooled but 2 businesses flourishing and a house that works for all of us as a family. Each one of us has taken ownership of our bit of space and the transformations in some of the spaces are just outstanding.
We are closer than ever now as a family and we are a team.
Bryony Roberts - Home Clearing Club Student 2020

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