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Having felt the burden of managing so much ‘stuff’ in my daily life, I signed up to The Home Clearing Club. I needed someone to guide me though the process and to be accountable to. With a clear focus every week, Tanya and her team of experts shared their knowledge on how to maximise each area of the home. The results have been amazing. I feel calm and a sense of control knowing that I’ve cleared and worked through every room. As a result, my self-confidence has grown and I have now set more boundaries around myself and my workspace too.
Helen Baker - Helen Baker Design

What Simple Services are available

    The Girl Who Simplified

    Hi I’m Tanya, The Girl Who Simplified and this Facebook page is where you can get up to date information and insight into my next events

    My next Home Clearing Club starts in May 2021

    The Curious Souls Clearing Club

    Join our beautiful community as we get curious about just how big an impact the act of clearing can have on your life and business. Make new friends and connections, be inspired, and experience real-life learning as we Clear. Refresh and Flourish together.

    Home Clearing Club

    Our homes should be a place of sanctuary, calm, and safety. A place of acceptance for who we are and give everyone who lives there a feeling of belonging. Included is a private online group with daily support, live weekly group coaching sessions and a free 30-minute 121 with Tanya.

    Life Clearing Club Membership

    The Life Clearing Club is for you if you are interested in learning how to identify what is excess to requirements, what is no longer serving you, and how to clear those things out to make space for more of what you love. In this membership, we grow that clearing muscle to embrace all aspects of your life including work, friends, wellbeing, relationships, money, home, adventure, and family and finally returning back to your environment, your home.

    Private Move Out to Move Back In

    This is an exclusive service for those who struggle working openly in a group or need that extra support, confidence or confidentiality during the process.

    This course has transformed my life. Mostly in that I’m not spending all of my time cleaning and tidying. Things have a place to go, they get put in their place and certain things don’t even make it into my house. So I’m really conscious about what I’m bringing into my space and where I’m keeping things.
    Sara Hayward - Home Clearing Club Student 2020

    Tanya Slater

    Simplifying Mentor, Speaker, Leader, Mum, Lover, Hugger,

    Singer, Dancer and Lifelong Learner

    I joined Tanya’s Home Clearing Club back in April 2020 for the full 8 weeks. Our home was confusing, hard work to maintain and mix this into a caldron of home-schooling 3 primary aged kids and running 2 businesses, I barely had the capacity by 5pm to think about what I needed out of the day. Fast track to June 2020, circumstances are the same with 3 kids being home-schooled but 2 businesses flourishing and a house that works for all of us as a family. Each one of us has taken ownership of our bit of space and the transformations in some of the spaces are just outstanding.
    We are closer than ever now as a family and we are a team.
    Bryony Roberts - Home Clearing Club Student 2020

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