Of course you can’t. There’s far too much going on in your home, family and business right now for you to take time ‘in the moment’ to listen out for mythical bells that denote an annual event that may or may not at this point be cancelled anyway.

It may not feel like we’ve had much to celebrate in 2020, and that when we talk about the C-word these days, we’re definitely not talking about Christmas, but the festive season is on its way, and should we be permitted to celebrate it, that’s exactly what I want you to do when it arrives.

In its most simple form (the kind of form I love), my projects see me work with clients to gently guide them through a process that allows them to de-clutter the physical possessions in their home. This is an important part of my work, but it’s actually just the start of our journey together as we look to de-clutter their lives – freeing them from their past to make way for a much clearer future. I often say that I help people take control of their homes, so that they can take control over their lives. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

De-cluttering your home is always going to be something I champion year-round, but I always bang the drum especially hard at this time of year (Ps – have you joined my Club yet?). As the autumnal air gets cooler and the nights get darker, we feel a sense of real change in our environment, and so I want you to get on board with that feeling and make some changes for yourself, too. It’s time to move on from the stuff that may add to that darkness – the mistakes, the losses, the tough decisions… all of it. It can be emotional, sure, but I hold a safe space for people to be open, honest and vulnerable, which is why the work I do with my clients and the courses I run are so transformational. The physical de-cluttering is just the start. And, at a time of the year (as we approach Christmas) when emotions can run high and the space for putting gifts and an excess of food and wine runs low, now really is the best time to de-clutter!  

When you have a look at the courses I run, you may think you’re ‘not ready’ for getting involved with any of my projects at this point in your life, and you’re quite possibly mopping the cold sweat from your brow as you read this, so let me re-assure you…

You’ll never be ready.

There’s never a ‘right’ time.

Wait, that probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear, was it?

I never really know how to convey the enormity of what is possible by working with me (in my Club or as part of my online community) without scaring people away, but I think that’s a good thing, because this really is an important journey to set-out on, and I want you to know that big changes in your life can come from this.

Although it looks like we’re not really going to be permitted to go outside too much to witness it, Autumn is truly upon us. Gone is that glorious heatwave that made being confined to our gardens seem gloriously pleasant, and here to stay is the crisp chill in the air that positively insists we cosy up on the couch at home. Nobody wants to cosy up in clutter, though, so let me help. Pretty soon, the trees are going to start shedding their leaves… maybe it’s time for you to shed yours, too.

I won’t make jokes about ‘leaving’ things behind. I’m better than that.

I’ll check in with you again on The Big Day to see how you’re getting on, but until then, start thinking about wrapping up, clearing out, and setting your sights on a simpler life.

To help you with that, before I leave you today, if you’re thinking that you’d really much rather have that simpler life RIGHT NOW and want to get things moving because you agree with me that ‘there’s no right time’, let’s do this. Sign up to my Club, let me help you, and start seeing some real changes TODAY.

One click. It’s really that simple.

See you inside?

Tanya x