You’ll remember back in September I wrote a blog that dared to mention the C word. Christmas.

It was early in the year, and looking back it was potentially very premature given the way 2020 is playing out in its entirety, but it was important to me to get Christmas on my readers’ radars, in the hope that it would form one of my ‘seasonal’ blogs that aims to get you decluttered and suitably simplified for the season ahead. I hope that you’ll now indulge me in blogging for a somewhat additional season in our year…


You’ll either eye me with suspicion over this, or your eyes will roll out of your head completely as you read (for the millionth time) that dreaded word that represents what’s likely taking over much of your life right now.

Let’s say it again, shall we, seeing as we’re in the second version?


It really is a season all of its own, isn’t it? Certainly for 2020, anyway, because let’s face it, it’s gone on far too long for it to be just a ‘phase’. Now, it’s something we come to know as “A period of the year when you’re not permitted to do pretty much anything for a stretch of one to four months”.

So, what can you be doing during this lengthy season to turn a negative into a positive?*

Well, given the fact that you’re spending more and more time in your home right now, you can start to think seriously about what you can and can’t do without. And if you can do without it – clear it!

Here’s a handful of top tips to keep your life and your home fuss-free and simple this lockdown season.

Charity shops closed? No problem. Dig out those old ‘through the letterbox’ plastic charity donation sacks you’ve been hoarding. Fill them up, and have them ready for the next collection. There’s a number to call on the bag if you’re not sure when that is.

Tempted to decorate? Yep, I get it, you’re bored of the same old four walls, but seeing that getting all the materials together to re-decorate is going to cause you a lot of mess and clutter, make a pledge to yourself that for every can of paint, roll of wallpaper, and stack of brushes you’re going to bring in, take one element of ‘decoration’ (ornaments, photos, paraphernalia) in your home and get rid. Ditch or donate, it’s up to you.

Making Christmas lists? Take time to think about what it is you actually need right now to make you happy. Consider gifting (and asking for) experiences rather than material gifts. They take up no space, they can be shared with other people (if you want), and given the fact that none of us have really been able to go anywhere for what feels like the last 42 years, it’s something that can be really looked forward to in 2021.

If those three tips aren’t enough to get you simplifying in style this lockdown season, then make sure you keep an eye on my social media feeds – not just for ideas, but for practical ways in which I can personally help you to declutter your home, clear your mind, and simplify your life.

Or make a pledge during Lockdown you will be joining me at a Home Clearing Club and getting ‘stuff’ done ready for the period outside this new season.

*Not a COVID positive, I hope!