Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are the ones that are asked most of the time, but if you can’t find an answer then please just get in touch.

I feel like I should be able to keep on top of my home, why should I invest in a Home Clearing Club?

You’re not alone. The majority of our students join us with this mindset and sign up under cover without telling anyone what they’re doing.

Truth be told, when you get just a couple of weeks into the course you will quickly realise the power of embarking on this journey with others and that, all your class mates feel the same at first.

Life often feels like such a battle and at times and that the odds are stacked unfairly against us, outnumbered one to the world! This is never more true than in the task of keeping a home.

There’s a saying that ‘alone we can do so much but together we can do so much more’, and The Home Clearing Club is a true example of what is possible when you find your tribe and walk alongside other people towards a common goal.

I have ADHD, do you think decluttering would help me?

Hey, nice to meet you. I do to! In fact it is only recently that I have come to realise that it is probably because of my ADHD that I ended up creating this course. Everything I have done over the last decade on my own decluttering journey has come from a desperate need to quiet the noise in my head, remove as many distractions as possible and give myself a fighting chance at even just the day to day stuff everyone else seems to manage. In answer to your question YES, I do believe that simplifiying and setting your home up right, including removing all the clutter and the excess, will give you, like it did me, a much better chance of winning at this crazy adventure we call life.

Do you offer payment plans for the Home Clearing Club

Yes we do, these are available on request though they do end up more expensive than paying as a lump sum due to the administrative cost of following up and validating the payments, but if you need one then please ask.

What happens if I don't pay against my invoice?

This is from the heart, but if you are doing a course, which I have stated is paid, would you not pay? You wouldn’t get your haircut and then not pay?

My team will always follow up and send reminders for payment and we will take you to the small claims court more on the principle to protect others in the future.

If your not going to pay – I would suggest don’t book!

Should I do a Home Clearing Club before joining the Life Clearing Club?

You don’t have to do it in that order but it has been proved now by many of my students that starting with your home is the best way to go. Get that working like a well oiled machine and the rest will follow.

Your home is like a training ground for making better decisions, learning how to let go and for improving your boundary setting skills as well as your confidence. When you’ve done your home you will find the decluttering the rest of your life much easier!

How Do I Get Started?


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Come with a decided heart to take control of your home so you can better take control of your life, and you will.

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