Power Hours

With Tanya Slater aka the Girl Who Simplified

Lets get unstuck - Power hours

Fast becoming a thing of legends, Tanya’s power hours are known for igniting a spark in the rocket residing inside of you. No matter your challenge she will quickly enable you to identify what is holding you back and what’s not serving you.

You will walk away feeling fully equipped to get to work on mindfully clearing out the excess, identifying what’s most important, and moving forward where you previously felt stuck. 

Do you have a specific area of your home, life, or business that you feel ‘stuck’ in right now?

Tanya Slater
Having felt the burden of managing so much ‘stuff’ in my daily life, I signed up to The Home Clearing Club. I needed someone to guide me though the process and to be accountable to. With a clear focus every week, Tanya and her team of experts shared their knowledge on how to maximise each area of the home. The results have been amazing. I feel calm and a sense of control knowing that I’ve cleared and worked through every room. As a result, my self-confidence has grown and have now set more boundaries around myself and my workspace too.
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