Which Clearing Method Works For You?


Digital Course

This is my Signature Course ‘The Home Clearing Club’. This course is laid out over 7 modules, can be started at any time, can be paused at any time and picked back up at any time. 

However, I highly recommend, if you can, when you make the decision to declutter your home that you simply grab the bull by the horns and run with it. Room by room, week by week and the momentum will carry you forward, resulting in one completely cleared and reimagined home in 8 weeks!

Essentially, you can make this course work for you


  • Private online support group
  • Regular motivation and accountability reminders
  • Live sessions, Q&A’s and guest workshops
  • Plus: Complete the course and you will be invited to join our affialite team to have the opportunity to turn your learning into earning! Share this course with just 6 people and you will have made your course exchange back in a flash!

The exchange is £150 (Payment Plan Available)


This is an exclusive service for those who struggle working openly in a group or need that extra support or confidentality during the clearing process.

We start with a 30 minute Free discovery call, after which you will be provided with a quote tailored to your specific needs.

All my support is offered digitally utilising the many forms of communication we have at our fingertips. I choose to guide and support you in this way because I know the value and long term results that come from you doing the decluttering and clearing yourself. If you want to make it stick, once and for all, commit to learning and practicing the skills you learn to make it happen and this will be something that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Whats Available;

  • 30 minute free discovery call
  • Tanya 121 on a bespoke decluttering journey
  • Weekly video coaching
  • Daily support over telephone and whatsapp
  • Free dedicated clearing journal
  • Workbooks
  • Additional Expert Workshops to boost your results
  • Quarterly Zoom Follow-up calls
  • Discounted Membership to The Life Clearing Club
Welcome to my world x
Life Clearing with the Wheel of Life

Life Clearing Club Membership

Like the idea of simplifying but don’t think your home is the problem? The Life Clearing Club is for anyone who is interested in shining a light on every area of their life and learning how to identify what is excess to requirements, what is no longer serving you and how to clear those things out to bring peace, inner calm, clairty and improved focus… just for starters!

What’s included

  • Coaching to learn  how to mindfully clear every area of your life
  • Your own personal log-in and membership dashboard
  • A continually growing and updated library of resources – Workbooks, Downloads and Recordings
  • A community of fellow clearers all cheering you on
  • Live weekly goal setting and clearing sessions with Tanya
  • Midweek Mental Health chill and chat check-in
  • Guest Experts on hand for advice and support
  • Access to Tanya, as this is where she is most of the time!
  • VIP access to early bird offers and discounts on all Girl Who Simplified products, services and events
  • Member discounts to a growing directory of businesses we love!

The Exchange is just £1 for your first month!
Then £20 per month thereafter – Cancel anytime


Decluttering isn’t just for your home!

Fast becoming a thing of legends, Tanya’s power hours are known for igniting a spark in the rocket residing inside of you. No matter your challenge she will quickly enable you to identify what is holding you back and what’s not serving you. You will walk away feeling inspired, you will have an actionable plan and the motivation to make something wonderful happen!

The Exchange is £125 Per Hour or Book 3 for £300

    Tanya Slater

    Tanya brought her calming voice and amazing abilities into my home, along with a pile of “Bob the Boxes”. Prior, I had completed the Wheel of Life and we’d discussed what I wanted to accomplish in different areas of my life. I needed to reclaim my space, after a relationship ended, on the outside my home appeared clean and tidy, open a drawer or cupboard though and it was a very different story!

    The magic that Tanya creates whilst doing this, is that your mind also manages to declutter. Just like my home, my mind was full of “stuff” that as we cleared and chatted my mind became calmer and more ordered. Tanya uses a very simple process to clear, my worst nightmare was being left with an unmanageable pile to sort out afterwards – this was not the case at all ! I now have “homes” for everything, when I wonder where is something I know immediately where to go to find it!

    My home is decluttered, allowing me to breathe and feel at peace! What’s even better, virtual coaching with Tanya continues, her wisdom, kindness and support offers no bounds ! I will be forever grateful Tanya, for lots of new space, hope and ideas – Thank you x

    Adrienne Cousins – Devon