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Message from Tanya Slater aka the Girl Who Simplified

Clearing your home is always going to be something I champion year-round and I hold a safe space for people to be open, honest and vulnerable, which is why the work I do with my clients and the courses I run are so transformational. The physical clearing is just the start. And, at a time of the year (as we approach Christmas) when emotions can run high and the space for putting gifts and an excess of food and wine runs low, now really is the best time to clear!

When you have a look at the courses I run, you may think you’re ‘not ready’ for getting involved with any of my projects at this point in your life, and you’re quite possibly mopping the cold sweat from your brow as you read this, so let me re-assure you…

You’ll never be ready.

There’s never a ‘right’ time.

Wait, that probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear, was it?

I never really know how to convey the enormity of what is possible by working with me (in one of my clubs or as part of my online community) without scaring people away, but I think that’s a good thing, because this really is an important journey to set-out on, and I want you to know that big changes in your life can come from this.

Home Clearing Club £140 do it yourself

This is my Do it Yourself Home Clearing Club. This course recognises that some people can’t take time out of their working day to do a Home Clearing Club within in a group with all the extras of zoom calls and accountablity groups. This course is set up over 7 weeks and is accessible for you to do in your own time.

Included in your DIY Home Clearing Club

  • Automatic membership to Curious Souls Life Clearing Club – wait are you not in there already!!
  • Private Facebook group with fellow DIYers to ask questions and gain insight
  • Motivation and email accountability reminders
  • Guest experts strategically placed for RESULTS

This counts as a pre-requisite to joining the Life Clearing Club Membership

The Curious souls Clearing Club

Join me and my beautiful community as we get curious about just how big an impact the act of clearing can have on your life and business. Make new friends and connections, be inspired, and experience real-life learning as we Clear. Replenish and Flourish together.


Come and Join us

  • Guest Edits
  • Open and honest conversations about the power of clearing
  • Tips and advice how to get the home to work for you
  • A community of beautiful people wanting to take back control

Home Clearing Club £350 from 2021

This is more than a declutter and is something that will stay with you forever. This is life, family, relationship, mental health, wellbeing, clarity, confidence and business coaching all rolled into one and simply using the power of mindful clearing of our physical ‘stuff’ to make quick yet lasting positive change. 

Basically, It’s Magic!

Included in your Home Clearing Club

  • Automatic membership to The Curious Souls Life Clearing Club – wait are you not in there already!!
  • Private online group with fellow clearers
  • Daily support and motivations
  • Live weekly coaching sessions
  • Guest experts strategically placed for RESULTS
  • 30 minute 121 private session with Tanya
  • and some hidden extras – Come on, you have to have some surprises!!

This is a pre-requisite to joining the Life Clearing Club Membership

Life Clearing Membership £180 per annum

There is one caveat – you need to have completed a Home Clearing Club. The reason for this is you need to understand and have experience of, working your clearing and decision making muscles. This is learnt in the physical clearing process which is worked through in the Home Clearing Clubs.

Done a Home Clearing Club? Then your in! 

Whats included

  • 8 month program to step through each area of your life through mindful clearing
  • Resource and information bank
  • A community of fellow clearers on their own personal journey
  • Monthly check ins for everyone with Tanya
  • Group calls on each module
  • Guest Expert workshops and on hand for advice and support
  • Access to Tanya, as this is where you can find her most of the time

Private Moving out to move back in - From £1500

This is an exclusive service for those who struggle working openly in a group or need that extra support, confidence or confidentality during the process.

You will have a 30 minute free discovery call and be provided with a quote based on your own bespoke circumstances.


Whats included;

  • 30 minute free discovery call
  • Tanya 1 on 1 on a bespoke journey tailored to you.

Tanya brought her calming voice and amazing abilities into my home, along with a pile of “Bob the Boxes”. Prior, I had completed the Wheel of Life and we’d discussed what I wanted to accomplish in different areas of my life. I needed to reclaim my space, after a relationship ended, on the outside my home appeared clean and tidy, open a drawer or cupboard though and it was a very different story!

The magic that Tanya creates whilst doing this, is that your mind also manages to declutter. Just like my home, my mind was full of “stuff” that as we cleared and chatted my mind became calmer and more ordered. Tanya uses a very simple process to clear, my worst nightmare was being left with an unmanageable pile to sort out afterwards – this was not the case at all ! I now have “homes” for everything, when I wonder where is something I know immediately where to go to find it!

My home is decluttered, allowing me to breathe and feel at peace! What’s even better, virtual coaching with Tanya continues, her wisdom, kindness and support offers no bounds ! I will be forever grateful Tanya, for lots of new space, hope and ideas – Thank you x

Adrienne Cousins

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