Digital Course or Private Coaching?



This is my Signature Course ‘The Home Clearing Club’. This course is laid out over 7 modules, can be started at any time, can be paused at any time and picked back up at any time.

If you have ADHD, diagnosed or self-diagnosed, and are wondering if this one really could work for you, the answer is “I’m confident it can”! That’s me too and I created the course I needed and now I know it can work for you too! When you make the decision to declutter your home, I will walk you room by room and hold on to you every step of the way because I know the challenges you may face and how and when the overwhelm may kick in!

Are you ready to finally kick the clutter in to touch once and for all?!


  • Course login with 7 recorded modules and workbooks
  • Whatsapp support group to connect with other students
  • Regular motivation and accountability reminders
  • Live sessions, Q&A’s and guest workshops
  • 121 Session with Tanya on completion of the course

To help as many people as possible in these challenging times I have reduced the financial exchange for this course to an insane total of £20!! I really hope this makes the course a no brainer for you and you jump in right now and start improving your home and your life today!

Private Coaching

This is my love, my passion and my purpose. To help you grow as a person and become the best version of yourself.

We start with a 60 minute Free, no obligation, session. If we both feel we would work well together, you will be provided with a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Working like this I will be able to walk you through your entire home in just 8 weeks. I will give you all the tools and support you need to keep moving and stay on track. I will keep you accountable and ensure that we get the whole job done so that you can finally get unstuck and start moving closer to your goals.

Whats Available;

  • 60 minute free discovery session
  • Weekly sessions to set you up in each room for the week ahead
  • Whatapp support between sessions
  • Free dedicated clearing journal
  • Decluttering workbooks to keep you on track
  • Additional Experts on hand to enrich your experience and results
  • 4 Quarterly Zoom Follow-up calls to keep you in action
Welcome to my world x

Tanya brought her calming voice and amazing abilities into my home, along with a pile of “Bob the Boxes”. Prior, I had completed the Wheel of Life and we’d discussed what I wanted to accomplish in different areas of my life. I needed to reclaim my space, after a relationship ended, on the outside my home appeared clean and tidy, open a drawer or cupboard though and it was a very different story!

The magic that Tanya creates whilst doing this, is that your mind also manages to declutter. Just like my home, my mind was full of “stuff” that as we cleared and chatted my mind became calmer and more ordered. Tanya uses a very simple process to clear, my worst nightmare was being left with an unmanageable pile to sort out afterwards – this was not the case at all ! I now have “homes” for everything, when I wonder where is something I know immediately where to go to find it!

My home is decluttered, allowing me to breathe and feel at peace! What’s even better, virtual coaching with Tanya continues, her wisdom, kindness and support offers no bounds ! I will be forever grateful Tanya, for lots of new space, hope and ideas – Thank you x

Adrienne Cousins – Devon