The Home Clearing Club

With Tanya Slater aka the Girl Who Simplified

Your Home is where we start...

The Home Clearing Club is more than a declutter and is a piece of learning that will stay with you forever, no matter where you are. This is life, family, relationship, mental health, wellbeing, clarity, confidence and business coaching all rolled into one and simply using the power of mindful clearing of our physical ‘stuff’ to make quick yet lasting positive change. 

Basically, It’s Magic!

Included in your Home Clearing Club

  • Automatic membership to The Curious Souls Life Clearing Club – wait are you not in there already!!
  • Private online group with fellow clearers
  • Daily support and motivations
  • Live weekly coaching sessions
  • Guest experts strategically placed for RESULTS
  • 30 minute 121 private session with Tanya
  • and some hidden extras – Come on, you have to have some surprises!!

This is a pre-requisite to joining the Life Clearing Club Membership