Home Clearing Club

The Home Clearing Club

The Home Clearing Club runs monthly and is a 49-day online programme for women that run their own businesses. Our homes should be a place of sanctuary, calm, and safety. A place of acceptance for who we are and give us a feeling of belonging. When we take control of our environment, we take control of our life. As we travel together homes are cleared, eyes are opened, families become closer, new friends are made and dreams grow even bigger than before.

Included is a private online group with daily support, live weekly zoom sessions and guest experts including a personal stylist, interior designer and professional life and business support specialist you are in safe hands as we work together room by room around your home.

The course costs £250 which means for just £5 a day, women can invest in themselves, gain clarity, find purpose and truly reclaim their identity.

It all starts in your home and heart.

Next Course Dates

    • October 1st 2020 to 12th November
    • October 28th 2020 to 9th December
    • November 26th 2020 (Breaking over Christmas and NY) to 14th January

To ensure that we can maximize the interaction courses are restricted to 15 persons only so book early to avoid disappointment.

2021 onwards

    • Join us in 2021 for more clearing dates to be announced in the near future. 

When you find your voice in your home, you then find your voice in life. It is incredible how much of an impact clearing has on your whole life, your home, finances, relationships, adventure, and health. Clearing can lessen anxiety, combat fear and exhaustion and thoroughly empower busy working mums to make space externally and internally, and ultimately, to thrive.’ – Tanya Slater

The Home Clearing Club Testimonials

“I often find myself walking into rooms – particularly my bedroom, just to breathe in the calm that I have created.”
Becky Horsfall

“Tanya you are an inspiration. You make people believe in themselves. You understand people, you are empathic to people’s needs. You put people at ease and most of all you are knowledgeable and get your message across with confidence and care.”
Jules Brindle

Having felt the burden of managing so much ‘stuff’ in my daily life, I signed up to The Home Clearing Club. I needed someone to guide me though the process and to be accountable to. With a clear focus every week, Tanya and her team of experts shared their knowledge on how to maximise each area of the home. The results have been amazing. I feel calm and a sense of control knowing that I’ve cleared and worked through every room. As a result, my self-confidence has grown and have now set more boundaries around myself and my workspace too.
Helen Baker - Helen Baker Design

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