“Great oaks from little acorns grow” 

 “I have been coached by Tanya now for 18 months and I’d be lost without her! I have always struggled with task organisation, prioritisation and completion. My mind would be full and I would jump from one idea or task to another rarely finishing any. It began to affect my self-esteem as I struggled with doing things that others seemed to do with ease and I started to think that I wasn’t good enough. I have now been diagnosed with inattentive type ad/hd, which explains a lot of my above struggles. Tanya has been phenomenal in helping to minimise the clutter in my mind and keep me on track. She patiently listens to my many ideas and worries and has the great talent of helping me to get to the point. I know what I need to do, but having someone to help me define, organise and prioritise my tasks with a set deadline is exactly what I need. She is the calm clarity in my foggy, stormy brain and has been instrumental in supporting me get to get where I am today.”

Carolina McFarlane

Confidently You Coaching

Tanya is like a pair of glasses. As soon as you meet her you see the world anew and wish your paths had crossed sooner.

Our coaching sessions have become invaluable to both my business and mental health, which often go together. The most significant improvement I’ve seen in myself since meeting Tanya is my confidence. Now at an all-time high, I am finally seizing the day and putting my needs first. Month by month Tanya is teaching and guiding me to become more accountable by setting achievable goals designed to improve my focus. Each and every person is different, and Tanya is an expert at adapting her sessions, so you walk away empowered and recharged. I already owe a great deal to Tanya and I’m only a few sessions in… I can’t wait to see what the next one brings. Bring it on!

Diane Samways

Paper to Petal Garden Design

I was in a rut, a jam, properly stuck. I didn’t really understand that then, I was just surviving. I knew I could change that. I knew I was the only person who could change that for me but I needed help and I just absolutely knew that Tanya could give it. She is someone who isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions to herself or of others, because she always does so with a deep respect and love for the individual. Tanya was someone who would join my, rather messy at the time, journey. She was someone who gave me bucketful’s of support so I could find the strength I needed to take on each and every one of my dreams.

That night Tanya gave me the time, love, strength and support to leave my session tooled with everything I need to go and have one of the most difficult conversations of my life. She also instilled in me the confidence that I could do it, I could start making every day happier, working towards my goals and taking back control of my life. It had been a long two years and that night, the hope was over but in its place, I would find out only a little later, was absolutely bucketful’s of life, love, fun, happiness, friends and a new kind of hope that only depended on me and that hope felt so right.

It was Tanya’s ability to notice that the empty place on my vision board was the most important thing that I needed to act on to be able to live and thrive for the rest of my life.

Since that first coaching session, only 7 months on, my life looks very different. I am now a very happy single/co-parenting mother of two beautiful children. I have my own business; I am financially more stable than I have been for years. I am making my family life and business work, it’s most definitely messy at times but after a number of coaching sessions with Tanya I am so proud of where I am today. I now wake up happy every single day.

Tanya, thank you for providing a safe place for me that night 7 months ago. Thank you for asking the difficult question. Thank you for listening. Thank you for all your support since that day. You are one in a million, this world is lucky to have you.

And yes…..I am awake at 6am on a Sunday – I’ve got me a company to register. These are the things that happen after a coaching session with Tanya!

Becky Horsfall

The Agile Consultant

Tanya brought her calming voice and amazing abilities into my home, along with a pile of “Bob the Boxes”. Prior, I had completed the Wheel of Life and we’d discussed what I wanted to accomplish in different areas of my life. I needed to reclaim my space, after a relationship ended, on the outside my home appeared clean and tidy, open a drawer or cupboard though and it was a very different story!

The magic that Tanya creates whilst doing this, is that your mind also manages to declutter. Just like my home, my mind was full of “stuff” that as we cleared and chatted my mind became calmer and more ordered. Tanya uses a very simple process to clear, my worst nightmare was being left with an unmanageable pile to sort out afterwards – this was not the case at all ! I now have “homes” for everything, when I wonder where is something I know immediately where to go to find it!

My home is decluttered, allowing me to breathe and feel at peace! What’s even better, virtual coaching with Tanya continues, her wisdom, kindness and support offers no bounds ! Will be forever grateful, Tanya for lots of new space, hope and ideas – Thank you x

Adrienne Cousins

When I first met Tanya I was struggling with my mind feeling constantly overcrowded. It never occurred to me that having too much stuff might be both a cause and a reflection of how I was feeling inside.

Tanya inspired me to let some things go. She pointed out that having less stuff would give me the space to cherish the things that really matter.

I had always wanted to live in Canada and shortly after my ‘conscious clearout’ my fiance was offered a job in Montreal! We were able to move to Canada with ease, taking just four boxes, thanks to Tanya introducing me to a more minimal lifestyle.

Thanks Tanya!

Lauren Robertson

Speaker, Coach, Author

“Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To BE Yourself” Coco Channel

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