About Me

Tanya Slater aka the Girl Who Simplified

Welcome to my family

My boys are my world and everything I do, including this business, is about showing them that if you have a dream, idea or aspiration then go for it! The people and the experiences which have helped to create and at times break me; make me who I am and everything I have to offer. I would love you to be a part of this beautiful adventure with me.

My Background

I spent 20 years striving to become someone I am not and I struggled with all the anxiety, fear and lack of confidence living a lie brings. I then spent another 10 years unbecoming all of that. I am now finally there. Right back where I was when I was a young girl. Loving life, not caring what anyone thinks of me, surrounded by love and kindness and now; making money and changing lives using my genius and living my truth.

My Approach & Philosophy

In its most simple form (the kind of form I love), my projects see me work with people just like you, to gently guide them through a process that allows them to clear the physical possessions in their home. This is an important part of my work, but it’s actually just the start of our journey together. We then look to go deeper and mindfully clear their lives, freeing them from their past to make way for a much clearer future.

I often say that I help people take control of their homes so that they can take control of their lives. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Listen to my story – from me

Its difficult to write a story from my experiences, BUT you can listen to my story in this podcast with Sam Osbiston

Watch a BRAVE Conversation, as Cynthia, and Tanya look into what a minimalist lifestyle is really about and what it’s not. Listen to the emotional benefits of decluttering and get the top 3 tips from Tanya on how to get started.

Listen to Debi John speaking to Tanya Slater, for busy, ambitious, female entrepreneurs about being a single mum and how she cleared her life to make way for increasing the connection between herself and her two children.