Tanya Slater


Hi I’m Tanya!

I like to see myself as a hope giver. You see all of this, The Girl Who Simplified coaching, courses and public speaking, grew out of my own personal need to reduce overwhelm, anxiety and panic attacks and end my severe mental health struggles before they ended me. The compound effect of childhood bullying, child sex abuse, 25 years of identifying as a victim, toxic relationships, alcohol and drug abuse and undiagnosed ADHD have made life one big uphill struggle.

But hard as life gets at times, if we humans have hope we can get through anything. I am strong, determined and a fierce lover of humankind who really wants everyone to get a fair shot at living their best life. On my journey I have done some stupid things and lost my way several times but, I came back. I found my way back home to me and my beautfiul boys and my long awaited and reunited twin flame! (ooh, I love a good love story!)

I could never in a million years have predicted it would have been something so simple as decluttering my home that would be the most impactful thing I did to get my life back on track, get healthy again and finally be the person I am meant to be. But it was, and now I am obsessed with helping other women the way I helped myself, because it’s so freaking simple and it works!!

Time is our most precious resource and none of us know how much we’ve got, so let’s stop beating ourselves up that we’re not enough this or enough that and find a way forward that works for us! Let’s start enjoying life again! Work with me and I will show you exactly how you can unlock the abundance available to you right there in your very own home!

Listen to my story

Its difficult to write a story from my experiences, BUT you can listen to my story in this podcast with Sam Osbiston

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