The Power of Decluttering

It can take you from:

  • Overwhelm and Frustration
  • Self-doubt
  • Perfectionism Paralysation
  • Low Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Fatigue or Exhaustion
  • Anxiety
  • Burnout


  • A home that supports and gives you,
  • More time, energy and headspace
  • Calmer you, calmer home, calmer family
  • More Income
  • Clarity
  • Boosted confidence
  • Higher quality relationships….. and much more!
Tanya puts her heart and soul into supporting others on their clearing mission! She is literally there at every corner of the journey, with hints tips and additional gurus (where required), to achieve for us a brighter and literally ‘clearer’ future moving forward in life. Highly recommend her if you’re looking to make (baby) steps to achieve huge positive changes.
Gillian Brunskill - ‘SteptoCalm’ Holistic Practitioner

How do we do this?


Step One - Discover & Connect

  • Together we look at your whole life
  • We dig down a little into your big WHY
  • And I help you connect with what you really want

Step Two - Decide & Commit

  • Now we compare your home with your why
  • Decide how your home can better support you
  • We identify what is excess to requirements ie: Clutter!
  • And what may be holding you back

Step Three - Delete and Delegate

  • We roll up our sleeves and start decluttering
  • Start with your home as your environment is the key
  • Then we move on to declutter other areas of your life, digital noise,  people, commitments and more.

Step Four - Visualise and Create

  • As you clear you will gain clarity
  • Adjusting your vision as you go
  • Making space for new
  • Beginning to see opportunities all around you

Step Five - Cultivate, Nurture and Grow

  • Your home is working better now and so are you
  • It’s time to exercise your new found skills
  • Confident decision making, better communication and listening skills with your family and others, setting healthier boundaries, being more focused and productive… the list goes on!

All this is possible when you start with a little declutter!

Going through the Home Clearing Club course definitely solidified my belief that the home environment does have something to do with the connection, peace and freedom that you can feel as a family. When I created spaces that were calm and had a lovely flow about them, the children would start to gravitate to that room. I find that whenever I’ve cleared a room they would suddenly have an excuse to be in that room a lot more than other rooms.
My home is now how I want it and it’s just incredible to have that confidence again to go… Yeah, this is my house and it’s okay to change things and actually changing things gives you more energy and that’s really cool. Right? So it’s great.
Debi John - Play Healing